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Dogecoin Faucet

Looking for some free money? It's simple, just roll the dice and earn anything between 0.1792 BTC and 70.1349 BTC.

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Hi-Lo Dice

Wondering how to increase your Dogecoins? We have the solutionb. Bet a few coins, roll the dice, and watch your balance grow (or shrink).

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Try to hit it big in our raffle. Get free tickets with each claim and purchase more tickets to increase your chance of winning. All prize winners are chosen randomly.

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Recent Dogecoin Claims

User Win Amount Raffle Tickets
luka690.17920000 BTC2
13Advokatts130.17920000 BTC2
p0gran0.17920000 BTC2
Tatyana760.17920000 BTC2
ShuraF0.17920000 BTC2
Narod0.17920000 BTC2

Recent Hi-Lo Rolls

User Stake Amount Multiplier Win Amount Result
manzarali0.40000000 BTC2.000.80000000 BTCWin
dingit0.40000000 BTC2.000.80000000 BTCWin
dingit0.40000000 BTC2.000.80000000 BTCWin
dingit0.84000000 BTC2.001.68000000 BTCWin
dingit0.40000000 BTC2.000.00000000 BTCLose
dingit3.70440000 BTC2.007.40880000 BTCWin

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  • Lifetime referral commission of 30% instead of 25%
  • 20% discount on advertising on ALL of our sites
  • Minimum withdrawal of 43,000 Satoshi’s instead of 100,000
  • 3 free raffle tickets with every claim instead of 2
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